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Gracias! Xie Xie! Merci! Danke! Grazie!

“Thank You” notes sadly seem to be a dying art these days. If you want a client to recognize your level of interest in a job, a short but sweet thank you email will help you stand out from the crowd. While nothing replaces a handwritten thank you, lately we find ourselves encouraging emails as […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

I wondered how I was going to support my one year old son, and who would take care of him, and would they sing, and would they giggle, and read his favorite books, and make fresh food every day, would they secure him in the car seat, would they watch his every move?  As I […]

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Smile File- Meeting the perfect candidate

I’ll never forget walking into Anthropologie almost a year ago and being blown away by AnnaLesa’s infectious positive energy. I was there to pick up a gift and the store was understaffed on an extremely busy day. The line to pay was almost out the door and all the customers were frustrated. Although I was […]

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