Family Assistant needed in Brentwood to start August 1

06/16/2017 | | |

Very busy family in Brentwood with 3 teenagers and one Burmese Mountain dog is looking for a Jane of all Trades. Mom is open to hiring someone part time or full time but flexibility is key. We are looking for someone with minimum 3 years in a private home. Looking for an educated, BIG SISTER type that will get along with a 13 year old girl . She goes to school in Encino and we would love it if you bake,you like soccer, and shopping. Middle child is in school and busy with his own social calendar. He will be driving soon. We would love to find someone who can help research the top ten safest cars. The oldest is in boarding school and there may be some travel arrangements , calendaring and sending care packages. Mom is starting graduate school August 1 so you will be in charge of all household supplies and errands. Lastly their dog needs to be walked once a day and it will be up to you to make sure that he gets groomed once a month. Start date is August 1st. Must be flexible to work a Tuesday- Friday schedule and possible Tuesday through Saturday schedule. $25 per hour on the books. Job could be 20 hours- 40 hours per week. Mom is open to looking at candidates who want 20, 30 or 40 hours as long as you are flexible on the weekly schedule. Please email us your hourly rate and how many hours you are looking for.