Personal Assistant for a busy creative woman in Brentwood

02/28/2018 | | |

We are looking for a warm , happy and super organized personal assistant who loves to be the right hand to someone! You will be working out of the family office 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday… this is really a 24/7 job so you must be a spontaneous person who is UBER flexible. You will often be asked to do last minute requests, errands, travel at a moment’s notice and reschedule appointments and itineraries. We are looking for an OCD organized person who is happy to deal with the mundane errands, concierge like requests and day to day life and be a team player.
This is a creative environment but we are not looking for anyone who is aspiring to work in entertainment or who is pursuing any industry related endeavors. Medical benefits, paid vacation, and a fun and warm work environment to boot!