A list Actress and Comedian needs Executive Assistant

06/05/2018 | | |

We need a TRUE Executive assistant to help a very busy actress. Although there are some Personal Assistant duties, 90 percent of this position is executive. We need someone who has truly been an executive assistant with strong strong admin and tech skills. You will be working out of the family office 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday… this is really a 24/7 job so you must be a spontaneous person who is UBER flexible. You are the person the family will call at 6 am on a Sunday if a pipe bursts in the house . You will be responsible for tracking travel and confirming greeters and car services at 3 am if your boss is oversees. You may not be done at 8 p.m. so this is not the job for you if you have to be somewhere after work. There will be a lot of e-mail correspondence, travel schedules, calendaring and phone calls. The perfect candidate would be super flexible, with a few years on the desk at CAA or WME or 3-5 years in a private home with an Actor or Actress. You will often be asked to do last minute requests, errands, travel at a moment’s notice and reschedule appointments and itineraries. We are looking for an OCD organized person who is happy to deal with the mundane errands, concierge like requests and day to day life as a team player.
This is a creative environment but we are not looking for anyone who is aspiring to work in entertainment or who is pursuing any industry related endeavors. Medical benefits, paid vacation, and a funny work environment to boot! Do not miss this opportunity to work for this A lister and her family!