Keeping in touch: A surprise visit

We got an early holiday gift today!  Frosted cookies shaped like snowmen, nope … bottle of champagne, nope … something even better!  We got a visit from one of our all-time favorite housekeepers, Ms. Maria Gallardo.

Naomi and Maria

Naomi and Maria


Maria popped in for a visit because she wanted to let us know just how happy she is in her job.  We had the honor of placing Maria with a wonderful family in Brentwood just over a year ago.  Maria told us in detail how much she loves her schedule, the children, and the nanny she works with, and how lucky she feels to work for such a terrific family.   Music to our ears! When it works out perfectly… well, that’s what keeps us going here at The Help Company.

Please stay in touch!   We love to keep tabs on our families and the people they hire.  For example, we recently found a temporary housekeeper for a long-time client who was in the process of nursing her current housekeeper (who we placed with her fourteen years ago) through chemotherapy.  I mean, wow.

Hearing these accounts from The Help Company field and keeping in touch over the years means the world to us.  Thank you Maria for taking the time to share your story.  It was just about the best holiday gift we could ask for.