Smile File- Meeting the perfect candidate

I’ll never forget walking into Anthropologie almost a year ago and being blown away by AnnaLesa’s infectious positive energy. I was there to pick up a gift and the store was understaffed on an extremely busy day. The line to pay was almost out the door and all the customers were frustrated. Although I was far away, I could see AnnaLesa had an ability to handle the chaos. She was calm, collected, and giving exemplary customer service.

Once I reached AnnaLesa at the end of the line,  I knew right away she was a winner. Sometimes I get really lucky and my gut feeling is just right. I asked AnnaLesa what she did when not at the store and found out she was a in-demand nanny.  It was an exciting recruiter moment. I gave her my card, and true to her character, she followed up with me right away.

Interviewing AnnaLesa in our office was such a pleasure. Her radiance beamed through our office. Her schedule and wish list ended up matching what our client Burn 60 was looking for. In less than one year, AnnaLesa has grown from Anthropolgie sales specialist/afterschool nanny to the Assistant Manager at Burn 60. Seeing such a talented and incredible young lady flourish has been an honor and one of my proudest accomplishments at The Help Company. It is exciting to see a candidate grow personally and professionally knowing that I had a hand in it. At The Help Company we love working as a team and AnnaLesa continues to have our support today. She knows we will always be a resource for her. It is such an honor to get to work with people like AnnaLesa. It just goes to show, you never know where you might meet the perfect candidate.


Naomi and AnnaLesa

Naomi and AnnaLesa