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SMILE FILE: Blast from the past!

Sometimes in our industry, the stars align and my faith in the universe’s power is restored. About six months ago I interviewed an amazing Chief of Staff who has High Net Worth clients across the country that she does contract work for. We didn’t have a job that was “big” enough for her qualifications here […]

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When I was a child in elementary school, I had a friend named Amy who was a lot of fun and super spunky. We shared laughs like no other. Sadly, we went to different high schools and colleges and lost touch throughout the years.   Amy is now a successful actress with a beautiful six month old […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

I wondered how I was going to support my one year old son, and who would take care of him, and would they sing, and would they giggle, and read his favorite books, and make fresh food every day, would they secure him in the car seat, would they watch his every move?  As I […]

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