Personal Assistants, Family Assistants and Executive Assistants

Everybody needs help at one point or another! While the specific type of assistance required may be as unique as the individual requesting help, the need for support is universal.

The Help Company places a wide range of Assistants, such as Family/Household Assistants, Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants. (We also place Certified Nursing Assistants, but that’s another story!) There’s a good deal of crossover between a Family Assistant and a Household Assistant. Both Household and Family Assistants work primarily within the home on household related tasks; however, a Family Assistant is most often placed in a home where there are children and child-related tasks to tend to whereas a Household Assistant will be more focused on a physical structure and its contents. A Personal Assistant is by and large a direct report to an individual who spends most of his/her time tending to personal needs, and an Executive Assistant typically works in corporate environment supporting an individual or individuals in an executive role.

There’s a large salary range for each Assistant placement dependent on factors such as previous experience, tech skills, education and job requirements. Assistant salaries start at $25/hour and go all the way up to $150,000.00+ for a full-time exempt experienced candidate.

The Help Company has been placing Assistants of all types since the 1980’s. Our lead placement recruiter is a former studio executive who earned her stripes as an assistant on the desk of LA’s top talent agent. Her real-world Assistant experience provides her a deep understanding of the myriad needs our clients bring to the table along with a keen eye for spotting talent.

Everybody needs help at one point or another!

The Help Company places a wide range of Assistants, such as Family/Household Assistants, Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants.


Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants are usually direct reports catering to an individual’s personal and household needs. In a larger home, a Personal Assistant may be asked to handle staff coordination and house management. They run errands, keep the home well stocked, liaise with accountants, realtors or business managers, book travel and appointments and keep track of preferences whether it be a favorite detergent brand or designer or an aisle seat versus a window seat. A charismatic PA will gatekeep and represent his/her employer in both written and verbal communication, always advocating and acting in his/her best interest by efficiently performing tasks in order to free up the employer’s time for work or play.

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Family Assistant

Family Assistants are often former Nannies whose responsibilities grow in tandem with the children. Babies and toddlers require a Nanny’s full attention. As they mature – Nannies begin to research classes, schools, activities and more. Once the children attend school full-time, there are increased hours each day in which the Nanny has time to support the entire household. Smart employers make the most of the school hours when they presto-chango a Nanny into a Family Assistant! Said Family Assistant can handle all sorts of traditional assistant duties, such as errands, personal shopping, gift buying, party planning, research and family calendaring. Depending on the size and complexity of the property, they may also take on some house-management functions, for example, liaising with vendors, organizing household moves or conducting construction administration. The best of the best will never forget where it all began and will forever remain devoted to the children, booking doctor visits, signing up for summer camps, shuttling children to activities, supervising homework and maintaining the ever-important child-Nanny bond.

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Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant roles are more heavily administrative, and the work is directed toward business needs rather than personal or lifestyle although an EA can be counted on to handle sensitive personal information as well. Executive Assistants commonly work in an office setting versus a household. Executive Assistants are expert gate-keepers adept in supporting corporate executives, often at the C-level. They field incoming calls and emails, set business meeting agendas and manage complicated personal and professional calendars. They reserve travel, edit and compile executive meeting notes and updates, manage contacts and plan off-site manager conferences, meetings and retreats. They often create presentation decks or process edits and are therefore expected to have exemplary tech skills.

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The Help Company is one of the nation’s first premier domestic staffing and nanny placement agencies serving Los Angeles, New York City & the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as select locations around the world.  Founded by Claudia Kahn, one of the nation’s leading experts on providing in-home professional help in 1981, The Help Company covers many aspects of domestic and corporate staffing with the utmost care and concern.  Our services, screening process and continued support structure have been developed to provide for the seamless integration of new employees in to any household or corporate setting, and our intuition, experience and level of care throughout the placement process ensure that both client and candidate are matched with their ideal circumstance.  We take great pride in the retention rate our clients have experienced throughout our 35 + years of successful pairings!

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