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The Help Company places a range of childcare professionals, such as live-in/live-out nannies, governesses, newborn care specialists, doulas, tutors, drivers, weekend/temp & on-call help.  Our nannies come with a range of experience, certifications and education; for example, Early Childhood Development, Child Psychology, Teaching/Tutoring, Nursing, CPR/First Aid Certifications and more,

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salary range: $20-40/hour (4-hour minimum)



we place nannies and more:

+ doulas

A postpartum doula will provide support and education when a baby is born.  Doulas help parents feel comfortable and confident in their new role, teaching them to care for their new addition while helping them to get some much needed rest.  Doulas generally work in 4-6 hour shifts, but overnight and 24-hour shifts are also offered.  Our doulas are certified by reputable certification programs such as DONA, CAPPA, Maternity Wise and Childbirth International.

sample list of services

• breast & bottle feeding support, including pumping & engorgement therapy
• establishing newborn procedures & routines, such as sleep & feeding schedules
• responding to the emotional & practical needs of a mother & family, postpartum
• light housekeeping
• errands
• meal preparation

+ newborn care specialist (ncs)

A newborn care specialist is a non-medically trained newborn expert.  An NCS will focus mainly on the infant so Mom and Dad (Mom & Mom, Dad & Dad … you get the picture!) can rest.  Most NCSs work overnight in 12 or 24 hour shifts.  Our NCS candidates are trained by institutions such as NCSA, the Newborn Care Specialist Associations or NNEB, a two-year training program for baby nurses in the UK.

sample list of services

• feeding
• bathing
• washing, cleaning & sterilizing bottles and other items related to the infant
• establishing sleep & feeding schedules
• swaddling, breastfeeding, umbilical cord & circumcision care consultation
• preparing your home for baby

+ nannies/babysitters

The primary responsibility of a nanny or babysitter is to care for your child/children beyond their infancy.  Needs vary from family to family and services vary from nanny to nanny.  For a more complete explanation of what a nanny does our nanny page is helpful. If you would like to know the difference between a nanny and babysitter.  A thorough intake is required to help us help you find the perfect nanny match!

sample list of services performed by nannies

• meal preparation
• homework assistance/tutoring
• extracurricular activities & play-date coordination
• play time!
• driving/carpool
• family calendar management
• children’s laundry & light housekeeping
• organization of children’s rooms/playrooms
• liaison between school and parents
• household errands

+ vacation & travel nannies

Find a local nanny en vacances or bring one along for the ride!  Our travel nannies undergo the same rigorous screening process and have the same qualifications as our permanent solution nannies and are available, at your convenience, to help make your trip a true vacation!

sample list of services

• packing & unpacking
• travel arrangements
• activity coordination
• meal preparation

+ weekend nannies

Need help managing jam-packed weekends that went from fun to out-of-control?  The Help Company has weekend-only nannies who can integrate seamlessly with your week-day staff to ensure solid coverage and consistent fun for you and your kiddos.

sample list of services

• meal preparation
• homework assistance/tutoring
• activity & play-date coordination
• play time!
• driving
• family calendar management
• children’s laundry & light housekeeping
• organization of children’s rooms/playrooms
• household errands

+ tutors

Let The Help Company tutors help your child succeed!   AS with all of our searches, spend some time with us to let us know why you want a tutor so that we can apply the same matching process we use with our other placements.   As with all of our Help Company candidates, our tutors are fully vetted, screened and interviewed to help match your child to their needs and your wishes.

We offer a broad range of subjects and a broad range of tutors

  • Math Tutor
  • English Tutor
  • Science Tutor
  • K-12 Tutor 

All of our tutors are either in an accredited university or have graduated in early education or with a masters degree.

+ teachers

The Help Company provides our client with home-schooling teachers.  Especially in today’s environment, our clients have asked for teachers because they travel, because of special needs, because of COVID-19, or just because they want one-on-one teaching for their child.  Our teachers help with curriculum, schedules, maintaining grades and transcripts when requested.  The Help Company teachers are here to help with any individualized services you need.

+ family assistant

A “family assistant” is a hybrid role combining assistant and childcare responsibilities.  Many families with school-aged children will transition from a full-time nanny to a family assistant in order to make good use of school time hours when the wee ones are away.  Time allocation and scope of duties vary from household to household, determined by personal needs.

sample list of services

• personal assistance for your home and/or home office
• errands & organization
• childcare

+ one-time nannies

Tap into our active pool of nannies as needed, one shift at a time.  Our on-call nannies have been reference checked and are ready to jump in whenever you need them.  Check out the help company club if you think you might need regular help throughout the year