How The Help Company Helps You With Your Domestic Staffing Needs

Good help can be hard to find unless you know where to look. Among the various domestic employment agencies in Los Angeles, California, The Help Company stands out. Why? As a premier domestic staffing agency, we have more than 35 years of experience in the industry, a lengthy list of satisfied clients and thousands of successful placements under our belt. We’ve built our solid reputation by making excellence a top priority. While we are always on the lookout for talent and recruit candidates from around the world, we ultimately accept only carefully vetted and highly skilled professionals into our ranks. As a result, we are always ready to help you find superior candidates for a wide range of domestic staffing positions. How can The Help Company help you with your domestic staffing needs?

Estate Management Professionals

Keeping one or more properties running smoothly requires time, effort, experience and skill. As a leader among domestic agencies in West LA, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Brentwood and Santa Monica, The Help Company is ready to assist you in your search for the ideal estate management professional. Do you need an estate manager who can ably balance both everyday matters and the overall financial and logistical coordination of your properties? Are you seeking a house manager or butler or majordomo who can keep your home running as silkily as a five-star hotel? Would a houseman or house woman charged with handling the inevitable maintenance chores better suit your needs? The Help Company can help you identify the type of services that you need and find the perfect professional for your situation. All of our candidates have verified references, backgrounds in private service, and the right mix of education or experience to fulfill their responsibilities.


Virtually any domestic agency in Los Angeles will tell you that it has housekeepers on its books, but few will be able to match the quality of the candidates offered by The Help Company. Our meticulously vetted candidates all have the vital combination of experience, skill and dedication. Do you need an amazing housekeeper? The Help Company can provide the perfect person. Do you need more than an amazing housekeeper? Our executive housekeepers take housekeeping to the next level by blending the roles of housekeeper and house manager. Whether the position you are eager to fill is full-time, part-time, temporary or permanent, we can provide a candidate who is professional, trustworthy, detail-oriented, personable and right for the job.

Personal Assistants

It’s difficult to focus on the big picture when you are forced to devote too much time and energy to chasing details. Delegation is essential, but its effectiveness depends largely on who you are entrusting with the tasks. When you are weighing domestic employment agencies in Los Angeles and trying to decide who to rely on for the placement of top-notch assistants, The Help Company is a time-tested choice. Whether you need a personal assistant to free you from the day-to-day details, an executive assistance who can keep your business communication and coordination flowing without a hitch, an chief of staff, office manager or human resources manager to oversee your office and your staff, or even a family assistant who can move smoothly between serving as your assistant and assisting with your family’s child care, we can find suitable candidates. Is safety a concern? Our executive protection professionals are highly trained, properly licensed and armed with the knowledge and skills needed to secure your safety.


Are you wondering which staffing agency in LA can deliver first-rate professional chefs? The Help Company takes pride in offering effective solutions to all your domestic staffing needs, including those in the kitchen. Whether you’re interested in a restaurant-trained chef or a family-style cook, need extra help for a special event, or find the idea of meal drop-off service intriguing, we can match you with the perfect professional. Our chefs and cooks are prepared to accommodate a wide range of lifestyles and diets and have had extensive training or experience.


Senior Care Professionals

Growing older may be a natural process, but that doesn’t make it easy. Advanced age often brings changes that can make everyday chores like driving, housekeeping, cooking and running essential errands more challenging. Whether you are contemplating agencies regarding elder care services for yourself or for a loved one, turn to The Help Company. Compassionate and competent, our senior care professionals have experience in geriatric care and 24/7 availability. Companions offer non-medical, in-home care that makes it easier for seniors to retain their independence while enhancing their comfort and safety. Is some medical care necessary? The Help Company can place medical assistants, certified nursing assistants or licensed vocational nurses. These highly-trained professionals are ready to work with the senior’s existing medical team as they provide vital in-home care, some basic health care services and the peace of mind that comes with having a health care professional on hand.

When it comes to successful placements for domestic staffing positions, the domestic agency Los Angeles relies on is The Help Company. We never settle for simply filling a position. Instead, we insist on excellence in every placement. We take the time to listen carefully and discover your needs so that we can match you with superior candidates who are a solid fit for your unique situation. In addition, we can assist with negotiations and the necessary legalities, and we even offer additional support when needed to ensure that each placement is successful. How can The Help Company help you? Contact us today to learn more about placements for domestic staffing positions.