Since you are off celebrating in Southeast Asia, we are sending our love from San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York! Here are a few words from us to you!

NAOMI: There are so many ways to describe you, but on your birthday, the most fitting is a true professor of life. Happy birthday to the most curious, adventurous, empathetic and generous person I know. Thank you for being an incredible role model. Happy birthday!

MELISSA: After working for Claudia for 11 years, she has become so much more than a mentor to me- she has become a second mom. Not only has she taught me so much about business, she has helped me become the person I am today. Claudia may be older than I in years, but she is by far much cooler than I could ever dream of. Thank you for always keeping me up on the best movies, fashion trends, restaurants and travel tips! I will try to make you laugh EVERY day this year.

MICHELE: Claudia is an incredible people person. She has taught me a lot about compassion and listening to people. We forget sometimes where people are in their lives, and I think Claudia really understands people and wants to walk in their shoes with them. She really cares about what is going on in their lives, what they want, what will make them happy, and really genuinely cares about their journey. She is incredibly tuned in to how someone makes her feel which is a gift we all have, but forget to use.

KATIE: There are many things to hold dear about Claudia, but above all, I love that Claudia empowers other women!  Happy birthday to our forever young, forever fearless and forever girl empowering leader!