I wondered how I was going to support my one year old son, and who would take care of him, and would they sing, and would they giggle, and read his favorite books, and make fresh food every day, would they secure him in the car seat, would they watch his every move?  As I started looking for that someone, it dawned on me that there was nowhere to look for that person. We had no resources. I think the late 70’s early 80’s must have been a turning point for parenting – my friends and I were so involved.  There were no agencies (back then). No one talked about the importance of childcare, or child development.  My parents did not have the luxury of learning “how to take care of children” – I grew up in the age of “children should be seen and not heard!”

I am trying to convey how lucky all of the moms are today – the resources are never ending, everyone has advice, there are millions of agencies now. Everyone is looking for that certain magical person to help them raise their children.

The truth is, it is always wonderful to have that wonderful nanny in your life to help but no matter how wonderful your nanny is, you will always be the mom. You will always be there through thick and thin, with no vacations, and no days off. Cherish those moments, unplug when you can. I blinked and my son was 30!