Behind the Curtain at The Help Company: Exploring How an Elite Nanny Agency Works

In 1983, the first nanny placement agency in Los Angeles, California, opened its doors with a clearly defined mission: locate highly qualified caregivers and match them with the families in need of their services. It’s a challenge that our founder, Claudia Kahn, was intimately familiar with. As a working mother determined to leave her son in only the best hands, she’d launched her own intensive search for a highly trained nanny and gone to great lengths to find a supremely skilled professional who would be truly invested in her child’s well-being. When her personal success drew requests for assistance from others who wanted nannies ready to offer the same level of care for their own children, Kahn sensed a need and opened The Help Company.

Finding the best candidates and matching them with the right positions is no easy task, but with more than 35 years of experience and thousands of successful placements, it is one that The Help Company has clearly mastered. How do we do it?

Identifying Excellence

Before you can build and maintain a solid reputation as an elite nanny agency serving high profile and VIP families in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City, you must first learn to identify excellence. At The Help Company, the high standards that we set ensure that only the best nannies are accepted into our ranks and our clients’ homes.

While we invite candidates from around the globe to apply, only a small percentage of those who turn to The Help Company in their search for positions as nannies will ultimately make the cut. Simply put, we work exclusively with the best. All candidates for our Westside nanny agency must successfully complete an exhaustive screening process. They must undergo thorough background checks, detailed reference checks and probing in-house interviews before we will consider them for placements. As a result, our clients can feel confident that any candidate we supply will be honest, reliable, responsible, caring and genuinely committed to the healthy development of their young charges. In addition, our nannies are also highly credentialed with an impressive mix of experience and education. Families seeking an educated nanny will find candidates with certifications in areas like early childhood development, nursing, child psychology and education on our rolls. We can also fulfill special requests for other certifications and will even provide our nannies with additional training in specialized areas to ensure that a placement is perfect for all those involved. Of course, identifying candidates with excellent qualifications is just the beginning.

Appreciating a Family’s Unique Needs

Every family is a unique mix of personalities, preferences and requirements. For a successful placement, the right candidate must not only have superior qualifications but also be a good fit for the family and their needs. At The Help Company, we listen carefully as we guide families through the complex web of choices available when it comes to childcare. We take pride in helping families sort through the possibilities and settle on an effective solution for their needs. Then, we get to work finding the right candidate for their situation. We are always ready to place candidates in childcare positions like the following:

  • Newborn care specialist. As a non-medically trained newborn expert, a newborn care specialist focuses exclusively on the infant in their care, providing respite for the new parents. Most work overnight in 12- or 24-hour shifts as they help with feeding, bathing, the establishment of feeding and sleeping schedules, and infant-related housekeeping. Our newborn care specialists are experienced professionals certified by the Newborn Care Specialist Association or the U.K.’s National Nursery Examination Board.
  • Nanny. A nanny is a skilled professional whose primary responsibility is fostering a healthy environment for the child in their care. Common tasks include dealing with meals, providing transportation, overseeing extracurricular activities, offering homework help and completing child-related housekeeping, but needs and services vary depending on the circumstances. The level of responsibility is high, so regular working hours and a long-term contract with benefits is expected. At a minimum, The Help Company’s nannies have a background in childcare-related activities and a college degree or comparable experience.
  • Governess. The role of a governess is similar to a nanny’s, but they provide an advance level of educational support. In some cases, they may work with special needs children. Like our nannies, our governesses have backgrounds in childcare-related activities and college degrees or equivalent experiences.
  • Family assistant. As children grow, a family’s childcare needs change. Families with school-age children often find that they no longer need a full-time nanny, but they still need reliable assistance. As the job title suggests, a family assistant provides both childcare and personal assistance for the home or home office. The duties are tailored to meet the household’s specific needs. Our family assistants have experience with childcare-related activities and office work. In addition, they hold a college degree or have comparable experience.
  • Weekend nanny. When the weekday team is enjoying their time off, a weekend nanny can step in to minimize chaos and keep things running smoothly during this often-hectic period. At The Help Company, the qualifications of weekend nannies mirror those of their full-time peers.
  • Vacation and travel nanny. While on vacation, the idea is to relax and enjoy time away from responsibility. Bringing along a travel nanny or having a vacation nanny meet your family there makes that easier. While their time with your family may be brief, we hold these professional caregivers to the same rigorous qualifications as our full-time nannies.
  • On-call nanny or babysitter. When you need help on a temporary or occasional basis, there’s no need to compromise your standards. You can access the pool of fully screened and highly qualified nannies from our nanny agency Los Angeles on a shift-by-shift basis.


Making the Right Match

Making the right match involves more than checking items off a list. Satisfaction is the ultimate goal, and safety is always a top concern. At The Help Company, we listen carefully to both the nannies and the families. After evaluating their respective skills, needs and preferences, we use a time-tested mix of intuition and expertise to guide candidates and families through the placement process and ensure that a solid match is achieved. We assist with negotiations, contracts and the necessary legalities and provide extra support where needed to see that each new relationship gets off to a great start. Then, we go the extra mile by offering a 6-month guarantee.

We’re no longer the only nanny agency Los Angeles, but our commitment to quality and superior service ensures that we remain a top performer in the field. We’re proud of our long list of satisfied customers, exceptionally high retention rate and solid reputation, but we aren’t content to rest on our laurels. We continue to strive for excellence with every placement. Let us put our expertise to work for your family and show you why so many families rely on The Help Agency. When you’re seeking a trusted nanny placement agency, contact us.