We are excited to share Supernatural, a truly inspiring documentary about a Japanese Gospel Choir. Here is a brief synopsis from their kickstarter. Truly incredible!

Stereotypes, language barriers, and strongholds come tumbling down in Rosylyn Rhee’s documentary SUPERNATURAL. This moving, and at times humorous, story chronicles the unlikely partnership between an African American pastor Richard Hartley and Japanese choir director Shin Ikesue and their life journey through Japan to teach non-English speaking students gospel music. After three months of intense study and rehearsals, the Japanese students perform as the Tokyo Mass Choir at black churches throughout America. In this riveting first-hand account, both African American parishioners and Japanese students are transformed through gospel music’s supernatural power.

While delving into the complexities of two clashing cultures, this film explores the transformation of Japanese youths from feeling isolated and hopeless to discovering self-love and connection to community through an African American tradition. Seemingly worlds apart, African Americans and Japanese connect not only through mutual respect and the power of music, but through shared pain. Currently in production in Japan and the US

If you would like to hear more, check it out here