Nanny live out in Westwood

01/07/2015 | | |

This wonderful family is looking for a very energetic loving kind person to be w/ their 2 children. They are respectful and poised. The family admires good manners – They travel a bit, so they would like for you to travel with them. They take frequent short trips. The family wants someone who is clean and neat, and can be a good role model for their children. The family is healthy, and they would love for someone to be healthy too!!
Both parents work, so they respect your work and their commitments. The family is loyal and generous. The family has one dog, so loving dogs is important. The little girl loves horses so maybe if you like horses that would be good too. We want someone w/ a positive attitude. The family is looking for 2 nannies, so if you have someone that you want to work with, that would be great too. They are open to 4 days on or one week on one week off. The family wants someone committed to making this work. The last nannies alternated the holidays. They also alternated weekends. The family will guarantee 40 to 50 hours a week. The family just wants to be covered.