Best Rota job in the city maybe in the country

05/14/2021 | | |

A wonderful entertainer is in need of her 2nd ROTA nanny – the other one has been with her 3 years, and she is never leaving! The children are adorable toddlers who love interaction, creativity and discipline. The mom will back you up and does not micro manage! The schedule is 7 days live in, 7 days off – and the other nanny is a dream!! You will act as a partner to this client, as well as a nanny for their children. She loves bouncing parenting ideas off the nanny, and respects all the new ideas that come her way. I needn’t say more about this opportunity. Please only apply if you have at least one 3 year reference – (more would be great). She likes seeing loyalty, longevity, tenacity, education, creativity and kindness.
Please let us know if you are interested!