TV CEO and Executive Producer seeks Ambitious Executive Assistant

07/19/2021 | | |

We have a first assistant position at one of the fastest growing production company’s in town! The CEO needs someone with experience working on a fast paced, high pressure desk for a high level Executive, Producer or Agent. You will be managing his business life and keeping him on track. You will be the gatekeeper that has his day to day running smoothly between the company and his family. Your boss is often on set and needs a strong Assistant who can keep things organized at the office. He is looking for a passionate assistant who is ready to prove themselves and earn the opportunity to advance in the company after a couple of years. It is your dream to produce content and you will learn everything it takes to do so while working for this boss. We would love an avid reader who is culturally savvy and in the know, someone who knows the hottest restaurants and coolest events happening in the city. You make the impossible possible, even getting him into the trendiest restaurant at the last minute with no problem. You will also be managing a 2nd assistant who will be your team mate is making sure nothing slips through the cracks, and there is always coverage on the desk.

You are quick on your feet, resourceful and you are always two steps ahead! Competitive salary and amazing benefits!