Amazing Job For Nanny Who Loves to Travel

12/03/2021 | | |

Amazing Job For Nanny Who Loves to Travel: Creative amazing high profile Mom & Dad (both actors) are looking for a loving Nanny who can travel with them when they are on set. They have a daughter who is almost 5, a toddler daughter and Mom is due with a baby boy in February. Dad also has a very self-sufficient teenager from a prior relationship who is around some of the time as well. Candidates should have experience with infants on up and should know how to swim as there’s a pool in the backyard. This family lives East side and is looking for a loving & creative Nanny who will get on the floor & play. They will guarantee full-time hours and when Mom/Dad are working there will be a good deal of overtime as well. They pay via payroll and offer PTO and help with health insurance. This is a beautiful loving cool family looking to match with an equally beautiful loving cool Nanny! Please reach out asap if interested in this truly awesome opportunity.