Family Assistant needed in Hancock Park

01/02/2022 | | |

Looking for a Family Assistant who can take charge in this Hancock Park home. The perfect candidate has a mix of family assistant, house management, and recent childcare experience. There is one teenager who is is in the 7th grade … This 13 year old is a super sporty kid and needs a pick up from the bus and help with homework. We want someone responsible with great communication and who can be a great role model. They would love for you to shop and do errands, maybe meet some vendors and help with dinner. Mom has a big trip coming up that is international and may need you to bring their son to see her for a week or so. All of the expenses would be paid for your travel and of course there would be a travel fee and overnight fee .
Mom and Dad have big jobs and need someone who can hang with their only son who is COOLER than they are! There is a mini van for you to drive. Monday- Friday- mostly after school and nights/ 30-40 hours per week guaranteed. AWESOME AWESOME FAMILY and a GREAT KID! MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED WITH BOOSTER! Two weeks paid vacation, sick days and some paid holidays.