Single Dad on the Westside needs flexible nanny with rotating schedule

01/05/2022 | | |

Single dad on the Westside is looking for an amazing nanny who can help him with his two kids ages 11 and 14 years old. Dad has his kids one week Monday, Friday Saturday and Sunday. The next week he will only need you Thursday and Friday. The kids are at school all day so dad can guarantee 35 hours . He will pay cash per week, some days you may only work a few hours. Other days you may be asked to come in when the kids are at school and help with laundry, grocery shopping, packing lunches, helping with dinner and getting the kids backpacks ready! This dad also give lots of paid vacation. The kids go to camp for 4-6 weeks each summer, and they travel for every school break. You will not be needed to travel but Dad does want a career nanny who is flexible, COVID safe fully vaccinated with the booster and someone who will not have another job! Great job! Reach out if you are interested.