Holmby Hills Lady seeking a wonderful kind Chef

09/20/2022 | | |

Our client has had some health issues and has certain foods she likes to eat. It’s very clean, healthy, straight from the garden fare. Mostly you are cooking lunch and dinner for her, and sometimes she will have friends or family over for dinner, not more than 8-10 people, but most often 2-4 total. There is a lovely, loyal long term small staff in the home. The Personal Assistant has been with her for years and is the kindest person to work with. There is a small dog that you will also make some chicken and rice for dinner who is a sweetheart.

The schedule will be Tuesday-Saturday, 1-9pm. This is full time position, with benefits, paid time off and great stability. You will be asked to work on some holidays such as Christmas, so we need a very flexible person.

Salary/hourly rate is DOE – we want a kind, warm, mature, nurturing, patient, lovely person. While you oversee the kitchen – shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning, serving – it’s also essential that the Mrs. will enjoy having a chat with you, and her guests. Also, essential that you are good at reading the room, and can be a partner to make sure our client loves the food and is excited about what you’re making.

Please have in home, private chef experience with excellent references, a clear background check and your Covid vaccines and boosters. Let us know what you are the special person just right for this role!