Housekeeper Live-out

03/15/2016 | | |

We have a VERY high profile family in Beverly Hills (they also have a home in Malibu which you may sometimes be asked to go to) is looking for a M-F Housekeeper to work later hours — like 2pm to 10pm (you’ll miss all the traffic!) or even 3pm to 11pm, depending on what’s happening in the house.   I imagine some days will be more in the 12pm to 8pm range.  Anyway — they have a GREAT new House Manager, a nice Assistant — a really sweet morning Housekeeper (we placed her) and it’s a good house.   The man of the house has grown children from a previous marriage and one six year old son with his current wife, who is a television personality.  They pay on the books and give paid vacation, sick and holidays.  Please let me know if we should send your resume.