Dream part time job for personal assistant 12 to 6 in Bel Air

09/15/2016 | | |

This busy home in Bel Air is in need of a Jane of all trades! Run errands, be computer savvy, use your phone for calendar, help service the cars, help with the dogs, return clothes, have a good eye! It is important that you can drive a stick shift car. You must have a credit card to buy anything the family needs, keep an expense report and be willing to get reimbursed. A lot of comings and goings go on at the house so, once in a while you should be willing to do laundry or dust if need be as they are looking for a true team player. They are looking for a smart cookie, that knows their way around town. The family travels in the summer for a good long time, so that will be your time off. DREAM FAMILY!