Brentwood Drop-Off Chef

09/16/2016 | | |

Cool Brentwood Family is looking for a great drop-off Chef.  This is a couple with two very young children.  They would love to have dinner served 2-3 nights per week (ideally Monday/Thursday OR Monday/Wed/Sat), plus have additional meals (soups, salads, baby food, other dinners) left behind to get them through the days you aren’t cooking on site.  They are hoping for 6-8 meals on the 2-night option, or 8-10 meals for the 3-night option.  There are no dietary restrictions, so this is a wonderful job for a creative Chef! Paleo is a good rule of thumb, but they also love Japanese/Persian/Mediterranean food, along with many other types of cuisine.   They are looking to pay $35-ish per hour.  Please reach out asap if you are interested.  Thank you!