PT BH Chef for Amazing Estate

01/11/2017 | | |

Phenomenal BH estate seeks two day a week Chef with 5 star hotel and/or restaurant experience.  Days of need are either Sunday and Monday OR Monday and Tuesday to cook lunch & dinner for the family and staff as defined by schedule. Shifts are 9 hours, plus shopping outside the 9 hours you spend in the home.  There will be occasional events of up to 20 plus guests, and occasionally you might be asked to cover for the full-time Chef, pending your availability.  No benefits, or paid vacation since this is a PT position, though you will be eligible to participate in a 401 plan and will receive sick days and uniform reimbursement of up to $600/year.  This is a very well staffed home, but the Chef will be responsible for cleaning up his/her area each shift.  No prima donnas please!  We are looking for min. 5-7 years FIVE STAR hotel and/or restaurant experience on the resume.  Private home experience also a big plus. Please reach out if you are interested. Thank you!