SM AM Jane of All Trades

05/18/2017 | | |

We are looking for a Nanny/Jane of all trades who loves to tidy, cook, organize and help with children to work for a fabulous family every M-F from around 6:30am to 10:00am.  The duties are making breakfast, errands, helping get the children (3 darling boys) off to school, organizing, bill pay, tidying and etc … The job is basically being on hand to help with anything and everything to keep this fabulous professional family run like a well oiled machine.  This is a perfect opportunity for a Nanny or Assistant who likes to be up and out early and would like to have free time later in the day for auditions, school or a second job.  We are looking for candidates with private home experience and local, checkable references.  Please reach out if you are interested.  Thank you so much!