Housekeeper Nanny TEMP

09/28/2017 | | |

Superstar athlete in town through the end of December is looking for a warm and wonderful Housekeeper/Nanny to work M-F from 7:00am to 3:00pm. Mom and Dad speak minimal English and Mom doesn’t drive, so the Housekeeper/Nanny should have a perfect driving record and be willing to help with the house, the children (ages 6 months, 2 & 9) and driving (both mom & children). This is a hybrid Jane of all trades role with a mix of pet care, child care, light cooking & cleaning. The family is LOVELY and has a team of people around to help. The Nanny comes every day at noon. We are looking for candidates with high profile/local experience. Excellent pay! The family will interview on Monday. Please reach out asap if you’re interested. Thank you!