Hancock Park Four Day Nanny Opening

04/24/2018 | | |

Sweet & laid back family in Hancock Park with adorable almost four year old daughter is looking for a Nanny who can work 40 hours per week Monday through Thursday. The hours will vary day-to-day, depending on what’s happening in the house, but are typically worked during the day (i.e. 7am to 7pm or 11am to 7pm etc … ). There’s a black lab in the house and it’s important for Mom & Dad to hire an animal lover because a second dog may join the family in the not so distant future. There’s travel a couple of times a year — primarily to Napa — or to Telluride for July 4th. Pay is on the books. The ideal candidate is educated and LOVES to cook healthy clean food. Swimming is a requirement as there’s a pool. Ideally you have taken some child development courses and live somewhere near the E. side. This is an AWESOME position that offers full time hours + a THREE DAY WEEKEND. Wow! Please reach out if you meet the requirements and are interested. Thank you!