Bel Air Housekeeper Opening

03/26/2018 | | |

Warm & wonderful family in Bel Air is looking for a full-time Housekeeper who can work 40 hours per week on Saturday, Sunday plus three weekdays. Housekeeper will have two consecutive days off each week (i.e. Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday etc … ). This is a home with a good size staff which includes 4-5 Housekeepers, a Chef, an Estate Manager & an Assistant. There are two dogs and a large extended family who comes to visit, but primarily there’s only a Couple living in the home on a regular basis. This typical hours are either 9:00am to 5:00pm or 10:00am to 6:00pm, though you may be asked to stay later on occasion if there’s a dinner party or an event in the home. This is not an Executive Housekeeping position. We are looking for a Housekeeper who is willing to get in, roll up her sleeves and help with the cleaning. The position pays up to $26/hour on the books and offers HEALTH BENEFITS after 30 days, plus 6 paid sick days, 6 paid holidays and two weeks paid vacation after a year and three weeks paid vacation after five years. This lovely family has had the same Housekeepers for years and years so if you are a Housekeeper looking for a home in which you can stay for years to come — look no further. This is an opportunity to work in an absolutely gorgeous home with a very respectful and loving family. Please reach out if you are interested in being part of one of the best Housekeeping teams in the city. Thank you!