Beverly Hills Seniorcare Openings

05/21/2018 | | |

We are looking for Caregiving/Companionship for a lovely 80 year old Lady in BH. We are looking to fill the following shifts: 4-6p through to 10-11p 7 days a week (we are open to having two people rotate throughout the week) AND Saturdays/Sundays from 10a to 4p. The afternoon/evening/night person will be there to make sure our client eats a healthy dinner, gets bathed (she will need help) and gets in to bed. Weekends are more about going to church, running errands, making sure our client eats lunch etc … In the near future, our client may want to expand hours and have someone stay the night (there’s a private bed/bath). In general, the weekend hours are more about companionship whereas the evening hours will involve more physical care-taking. Our client lives in a large home that requires a good deal of organization. She is forgetful and doesn’t drive. We are looking for helpers who will do some light housework, light cooking, will organize, run errands, drive, help with bathing and medication & etc … — Our client is lovely, but can be difficult at times so applicants should be adept at dealing with different personality types. Pay is fully on the books and we are only looking at candidates who have held seniorcare/companion jobs in private homes. Please reach out if this job sounds like a fit for you. Thank you!