Brentwood PT Housekeeper

08/06/2018 | | |

Lovely family with one child still at home and an old sweet doggie is looking for a Housekeeper every Wednesday & Friday. There’s a cleaning crew that comes every Monday so the house is in good shape. We are looking for a smart Housekeeper who can let a vendor in — occasionally pick up the 13 year old daughter from school — help prep dinner (NOT be a chef!! just simple prep … ) and do some ironing and cleaning. The hours will be in the noon to 8pm range. It would be GREAT if you are a dog lover who would like to get out for a beautiful half an hour walk with a sweet cockapoo! This is a NICE job with a nice family. Pay is either on or off the books — your choice. Please reach out if you are interested in this excellent opportunity. Thank you!