Single Dad in Bel Air seeks Nanny

11/28/2018 | | |

Lovely single dad with a four year old son is looking for an affectionate and loyal Nanny who can work from 12:00pm to 8:00pm (give or take depending on the day) Monday through Friday. We would love to find a Nanny who loves to assist and help run a home as the little boy is in school until 2:00pm five days a week. Dad works full-time and is on his own, so he is looking for a partner to help see vendors, keep the house stocked, arrange playdates, go to Dr. appointments, do errands and light housework (there is a Housekeeper) and help with the cooking. This is a hybrid position for a flexible multi-tasking and organized Nanny who has experience with children age 4 & up. Please reach out right away if you’re interested in this wonderful opportunity. Thank you!