To Grandmother’s house we go

04/02/2019 | | |

To Grandmother’s house we go…
Temp job in Palm Beach April 8th – April 15th.
We have a temp position with a family who has been a client for several years. Family has a rotating nanny schedule … one week on, one week off. The nanny needs a week off . Family would like to fly a temp nanny down to Palm Beach to relieve the current nanny. You will be full charge for 8 days with twin 4 year olds who are down there for the week visiting Grandma. FYI Grandma is hands off, she is only enjoying the kids company. The kids usually rise at 7am and go down at 8pm.
(13 hours per day) Easy shifts, wake them up, cook light breakfast, they go the club during the day, shower at the club and get back to Carroll’s to go to bed.

$400 per day CASH!
Family will pay all airfare and food. You will be in a hotel the first night and the following 7 nights you will be sleeping on an air mattress in the living room.