Best Chef job in Beverly Hills

06/12/2019 | | |

We are looking for a wonderful chef that loves cooking ethnic, farm to table that wants to work Monday – Friday. We would love someone that loves shopping at the farmers market. Lunch as needed, dinner for the Mrs and the two kids. The family has several restrictions but nothing crazy. They like restaurant quality food (without the fat), farmers market fruits and vegetables. You will be responsible for the kitchen, the pantry, the refrigerator and everything food. If there is a dinner party, you can hire help, and this could be on a Saturday. The family takes vacations every couple months, so you will have plenty of time off. The estate manager in this home is lovely and kind, and the staff is so happy. Please let us know if you are interested. Salary 125 K. Schedule Monday – Friday. Hours 12-8 pm. It would be good to have experience in a private home so that you understand service.