Temporary Drop Off Chef needed in Hollywood Hills for a week starting August 15th

08/06/2019 | | |

We have a client who is coming to stay in LA for a week or two on vacation. She has a chef that does this for her at home, as she is on a restricted diet for health reasons. Please let us know if you are free and able to help!

This is a four day food rotation of specific starches (boiled taro, boiled cassava, steamed yam and steamed rutabaga), meat (bison, lamb, rabbit and turkey) and different veggies – all separated out for the client to prepare through the day. (There are a few meals throughout the day the client likes to put together: breakfast, lunch, later lunch and dinner.) They currently make the meat in a pressure cooker and mash down with a handblender due to challenges with chewing. Veggies are steamed with filtered water.

Having someone deliver would be ideal. The current chef can make a full four day rotation in one 5 hour day. If the Chef makes double, though, they freeze the remaining and then they can eat it for the next few days. So that might be the easiest way to go. Taro and cassava aren’t the easiest to find. Ideally this would someone who is holistic-minded and food safety conscious. In terms of oils and other things I eat, the client applies them. So we only need someone to make these very basics.

Please let us know if you are free and what your rate will be!