Calling All Cool and Artsy East Side Nannies

09/19/2019 | | |

Calling All Cool and Artsy East Side Nannies — Super amazing and creative couple in Glendale with an almost three year old daughter is looking for a smart creative Nanny who can work part-time hours. They will guarantee 25-hours per week minimum and will pay in the $20-$25/hour range. Mom & Dad have super erratic schedules but do their best to schedule their Nanny with a week notice whenever possible. They know their daughter will be in school from 8a-12p M-F — so most of the hours worked will be in the afternoon/evening. This family loves RIE and their super spirited and adorable daughter goes to a Montessori program so we are looking for a child-led imaginative and responsible sitter who can work 25 hours per week minimum with the occasional overnight. The ideal candidate is an artist, a baker a candlestick maker — someone who LOVES being with children and is looking for a steady income stream while building an artistic career. They know what they’re asking for is tricky since their schedules change based on where and when they’re working — but they are confident their unicorn is out there. Reach out right away if interested in working with this WONDERFUL crew. Thank you!