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BEST NANNY POSITION IN THE PALISADES: We are hoping to find a superstar committed capable Nanny for a busy family of five in the Palisades. The children are 5, 7 & 10. Mom has been home for the past few years, and is itching to get back to work but won’t feel comfortable re-booting her high-powered career unless she knows that all is calm on the home-front. That’s where you come in! We want to find a true partner for Mom & Dad — an experienced grown up who can expertly juggle three children. There’s a full-time Housekeeper who is very hands on with the children and Mom & Dad are also highly involved. The children are in school until 3/3:30pm so the main hours of need are from 2:30/3pm until 7/8:00pm or even later if parents go out. The ideal situation would be 28-30 hours per week guaranteed, though the family is willing to offer 40 hours IF a Nanny brings something extra to the table, i.e. excellent cooking skills. Please reach out if interested. There’s potential for fun travel, i.e. summer in the Hamptons! Thank you!