Creative Coordinator needed for Sports and Entertainment Start Up Founder

02/17/2020 | | |

We are looking for an experienced, savvy, and hardworking creative Coordinator/Executive Assistant who has supported other comparable senior level Executives. This Founder has multiple projects going on at the same time so your multitasking must be top notch. You will handle everything from scheduling to project management to sitting in on meetings with your boss or creating the best ice cream sandwich afternoon company party. You will work very hard with an incredible group of people who love what they do and feel excited to be there every day.

We are looking for a great communicator, who is organized, intelligent and has great anticipatory and follow through abilities. We are looking for 2-3+ years of experience. We are hoping to find someone that is passionate about sports and entertainment. Please send your resume with a short cover letter of why you are the best person for this role. It is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Salary is 50-55k plus health and dental benefits. Ideally, you are bilingual in English & Spanish!