Coolest NY family is moving to the Palisades next week

07/31/2020 | | |

Honestly,loved this family!! They will be moving here mid August with their 4 children! 10, 7 girls, and 5 year old twin ACTIVE boys! The kids are all sporty and love hiking, tennis, soccer, – you name it! We can not offer a schedule yet, but would assume it is a good 40 hour week from 9-5 at least. The kids are zooming, so it would b wonderful if you can help make learning fun. The parents do not cook, so maybe that might be something else you enjoy doing. It might be wonderful if you have been a camp counselor, a good student, a good driver, and organzied if possible! Let us know how you plan to help this family acclimate to LA.
Salary DOE