Fantastic chef position for brilliant CEO who loves to travel

03/25/2021 | | |

• Experienced professional chef who has significant work experiences in high end restaurants or hotels.
• Knowledge of and able to prepare various cuisine’s such as Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese.
• Willing and available to travel with the Principle to NY and Montana for extended periods of time. (in the specific, summer 2021 to East Hampton for approximately 2 months)
• Prepare daily meals for Principal and guests.
• Able to plan and execute dinner parties up to 30 ppl.
• Working schedule is 12noon to 9 pm 5 days a week but willing and available to work for breakfast and a flexible schedule if needed.
• Pantry and fridge management
• Maintain kitchen and pantry clean and organized; all utensils in good working order at all times.
• Weekly trip to farmer’s market for produces.
Compensation $120 to $ 140K – medical insurance
Let me know if you need further information