Nanny Needed for two Darling kids

12/31/2018 | | |

We are looking for a full time nanny for two children (ages 3 year old and 1 year.) The family has two dogs who are like their kids! Must LOVE dogs! This is a very important aspect of their job!

You would be responsible for responsibilities would be the following:

Kids Laundry, Changing sheets for the kids, Diaper change, stocking Diaper bag for both kids, Pack/unpack for kids for travel, occasional Drop off and pick up to preschool, Taking kids to music class/sport activities/museums etc, Be proactive with kids and their activities, Bath time for both kids
Helping with kid related item inventory, letting me know when running low- diapers, crayons, paint colors etc
Meal prep for kids- fresh purees etc, Be able and willing to care for a sick child, including dr visits.

There will be some house related duties as well: pick up things that are laying around,keep kitchen island and dining table clutter free, if dishwasher is full please empty and reload. take out garbage at the end of the shift (IF the garbage is full or close to being full), occasional meal making for the family, Easy and quick grocery shopping for the family.

We need someone who is:
Fluent in English! It would be a major bonus if you have experience in Education/classrooms! You must be able to drive and have clean driving record (own car preferred but not required.)

We need someone who is flexible with schedule- might need help occasional weekends/maybe one weekend night a month for a date night.

We would also love to find someone who is willing to travel within the US and potentially out of the country.

Salary DOE: $30/hr +

Please send resumes in Word doc to :