If you are anything like us, it’s possible that you’re scrambling to finish up your holiday shopping. Well, do not fear – we’ve got you covered with a gift guide from our very own Claudia Kahn. And, if you know Claudia, you know she has impeccable taste! We’ll let her take it from here. Enjoy, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts.


1. Donate to a charity in someone’s name

Possibly the most sustainable gift, donating to a charity supports others. See below for my favorite charities.

Partners for Pediatric Progress Our mission is to create and maintain educational partnerships that will ultimately have a sustainable impact on improving the health and care of children in resource poor regions.

Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) partners with residents of impoverished areas to develop and implement design solutions that improve physical, economic, and social quality of life. We call the low-cost, high impact environments we create Productive Public Spaces.




2. Museum Membership

I love to give a 1-year membership to a museum. It supports the arts and gives your recipient easy access to all the shows. This gift gives all year long!


3. Art

For the culture lovers on your list, give the gift of art.

The Frostig Collection is a wonderful place to buy art online. The proceeds go to the Frostig school, which educates children with learning disabilities.  The art is collectable, affordable, and such a great way to give back.

If you’re looking for photography – who wouldn’t love a photography book from Rose Gallery ? Any book, or any photograph from Rose Gallery makes an excellent gift!



4. Fresh Herbs

Herbs that live in your kitchen, ready to use whenever you need them. (No need to go outside!) These can easily double as an earthy table arrangement. Personalize with clay pots, found here.



5. Private Chef  

For your foodie friends, your brother, or virtually anyone who values great food, I love giving the gift of a chef for a night. This is an original gift that can be enjoyed by many.  Of course I would call The Help Company to arrange a great night!



6. An activity or lesson

Nothing gets people more motivated to be active than January 1st rolling around. Give a golf, tennis, or sport lesson from your favorite teacher.



7. Jewelry

If money is no object, spring for some of my favorite jewels.

Pippa Small


August Jewelry


Lisa Ziff

lisa z


8. My favorite perfume

I cannot live with out this, and the candle, which comes in crinkled metal.  There’s also a version you can monogram with any name!  Who doesn’t love that?



9. Luxurious linens

Anything from Mateo Linen .I love their napkins, their old linen bedding – everything feels so scrumptious!