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claudia kahn

Claudia, the mama bear matchmaker who started The Help Company over thirty years ago, would never tell you she was talented. She wouldn’t tell you that she has an uncanny ability to match people and make their lives better. She wouldn’t tell you that she beats the boys on the golf course, or that she has perfected the wood fired pizza. Nope, she’s more of a listener than a talker. She genuinely cares about peoples’ stories and about making their lives better.
We’ve all taken a seat at her table. Now take yours.

favorite quote of the moment:

“Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody…” – The Beatles

 naomi fabe

Naomi is an LA native who actually has a football team to root for (thank you college in Wisconsin and go Badgers!). When not indulging in football, Naomi is masterfully taking care of people. As a matchmaker she takes care of our corporate clients. This is no foreign land to Naomi, as she spent her formative years power assisting to a major studio executive. So she knows a thing or two about who has the chops and savvy to add value in the corporate world. We all benefit from this management experience that Naomi brings, something she does with the poise and Zen that only a marathon runner and Yogi-guru-in-training can possess.

favorite quote of the moment:

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.”


katie trevino

Katie is one fine Michigander. Michigander: 1.) Born and raised in Michigan 2.) Tend to have strong work ethic, are grounded, and very friendly. Can I be from Michigan, too? With a background in film production and client services, Katie brings a remarkable level of craft to her recruiting. Work ethic, check. Relationship building and follow-through, check. Above all though, she’s passionate about being a great mom and cultivating a rock star family, so she knows a thing or two about how to help you do that.

favorite quote of the moment:

“99% of unhappiness comes from thinking things aren’t as they are supposed to be…”


cary mccormick



michele craig-lasman

Michele is a self-professed comedienne with over nine years of experience working as a personal assistant to some very talented and wonderful people, and over seven years (and counting!) as a Mom to two very adorable and energetic kids, and one very sweet 90-pound German Shepherd. Michele is a Los Angeles native who spent time in the South, Midwest & Europe, before traveling East for college on an acting scholarship to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Michele feels most at home when dealing with client relations. She excels in spotting your needs and keeping you happy … and laughing. Her insider knowledge of this city and its players will not steer you wrong!

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