We’ve started a weekly feature that we’re calling The Smile File, to document the many wonderful moments in the office. Kristen had the first one!

“I did a Skype session with one of the most amazing, warm, and just overall wonderful nannies in NYC the other day. She has been with her last family for over 13 years and the only reason she left was the family moved to CA. She actually just got back from CA where she was helping them out during a family emergency. We set up a time for her to meet with Claudia while in NYC and it was an immediate love fest and we are setting her up to meet with one of our lovely NYC moms who just had a newborn baby. Muriel (the nanny) called me after her interview with Claudia and said she has never had an experience with an agency like ours. She feels so loved and feels like she has been a part of our lives forever because of the way we have treated her already (we have known her for 2 days). She ended the call saying she loves us and appreciates us so much for everything we have already done for her.” #smilefile