Sometimes in our industry, the stars align and my faith in the universe’s power is restored. About six months ago I interviewed an amazing Chief of Staff who has High Net Worth clients across the country that she does contract work for. We didn’t have a job that was “big” enough for her qualifications here in San Francisco, but we kept in touch regardless.

Networking is key in recruiting, plus I liked her personality so it was a double win! About a month ago she reached out in hopes that we could help one of her clients in Chicago. With offices in LA, SF and NYC, we have a large network, but I still knew that this was going to be a tough search in a city where we do not have an office. I remembered through seeing various Facebook posts and updates that a girl I went to High School with, but was not close with, lived in Chicago and worked in the private sector as a Personal Assistant. I reached out to her as a shot in the dark and asked if she was interested in a learning about the opportunity with our client. I had no idea if she would reply to my message, let alone what her true qualifications were. I was setting myself up for an awkward situation if she didn’t have the experience our client was looking for. She replied to me almost immediately and we set up a call for that day.

After speaking with her, I realized that she was perfect for the job. Not only did her pervious positions make her a perfect candidate but her personality was exactly the type our client had requested! Usually when someone is perfect on paper, they lack the chemistry with a client but in this case it was an all around slam dunk. Kristen has been amazing through this entire hiring process- she has been prompt, patient and all around lovely to work with. She starts her job Monday and I’m not sure who is more exited, the candidate or our client! And we could not be happier either!