Laura ran Help Co’s NYC office for several years prior to getting hitched and moving to Nashville, where she now heads up Help Co’s social media effort. Ever the diligent worker, Laura reached out late last week to see who might have something to contribute to the “Smile File.” For the record, Laura is 40 weeks & 8 days pregnant with her first baby. So heck yes we have something for the Smile File Laura … you! Laura, you’ve got this! Your Early Childhood Education degree and years of working in the field as a Teacher, Nanny & Family Assistant, not to mention the years you spent servicing Help Co. families in search of excellent childcare, will serve you well, as will your love of children’s literature and natural affinity towards children of all ages. You are indeed prepared, yet nothing will ever prepare you for the overwhelming love you are going to feel when that stubborn baby boy of yours finally decides to be born. There’s not a single moment more amazing than the one in which you will lock eyes with your new baby … that moment when you, who have cared for so many moms and children over the past ten years, will become a mom yourself. It’s all coming full circle. We adore you Laura. We are so proud of you, and we wish you a most peaceful delivery. Please know we will be standing in the wings, sending good thoughts, and waiting with baited breath to hear every detail (inches! weight! name!) on the newest Help Co. baby. There’s one for the Smile File indeed. Now … for heavens sake, stop working and go have that baby!