This week’s Smile File is from Katie! (We try to do these regularly, sharing special moments at work.)

“It’s been a great week at The Help Company. After two weeks off (thank you Claudia!), we are all well rested and raring to go. We hit the ground running on the 6th and are thrilled to be working with old clients and new who are ready to make big changes in 2014. One family in particular stands out. They’re planning a move and have a new baby on the way, and we are having an absolute ball matching them to a whole new staff to fit to their changing needs. It’s truly an honor to be asked in to our clients’ homes and lives in such an intimate way and we never lose sight of how important it is to send the best possible people in for the job. On a personal note, I found it interesting that I actually missed work over the holidays. I caught myself checking emails and wondering what was happening in my absence. That says something about the culture at Help Co. and how much we all enjoy working with one other, our candidates and our clients. I’ve taken plenty of vacations in my day when I refused to even think about work. Not this year! There’s something about the nature of the work we do that sort of worms its way in to your heart so that even while away, you’re thinking about the stories, the people, the needs and the fun of making that perfect match! We’re all looking forward to a great year and send all our Help Co. friends best wishes for 2014!” #smilefile