When I was a child in elementary school, I had a friend named Amy who was a lot of fun and super spunky. We shared laughs like no other. Sadly, we went to different high schools and colleges and lost touch throughout the years.   Amy is now a successful actress with a beautiful six month old daughter who happens to be searching for an amazing Nanny for her family, and I am beyond thrilled to be in the perfect position to help her!
Taking on Amy as a client started as a job – one in which I was super excited to do – after all, who doesn’t love helping an old friend, but what I didn’t expect the job to turn in to, and what it has become, has been a renewed friendship in my life.  Amy and I have rediscovered the bond we shared as children, and much to my delight, we have found we have even more in common now as working moms. We  email and text like the giggly schoolgirls we once were, and it has been such a joy to feel  that kinship and connection back in my life again. Finding the perfect Nanny for my old friend is just the icing on the cake – for BOTH of us!