I’d like to say never, but we all know it can be fun to snap a Selfie or an “Us-ie” (a term I coined for a Selfie + 1) when out and about and having a good old time.  Much as we love them, Selfies are most definitely not appropriate on a job application, a resume or a cover letter.  Think about it, you get one chance to make a first impression, and a casual Selfie may not be the best way to push to the top of the candidate list.  A professional looking photograph, however, is a great idea.  People love to see who you are and what you look like.  And for the record, you don’t need to use a professional photographer to take a professional photograph!  The ‘professional’ we’re referring to here is YOU!  Translation:  please look professional.  Wear an outfit appropriate to the industry in which you are applying. Avoid tank tops, swimsuits, short skirts and the like, unless you’re applying to be a … well, we’ll leave this up to your imagination! Also remember to take your photograph in a clean and neutral environment.  We’re glad you had a wonderful time drinking beer with your friends, but that cute photo of you with Bud Light in hand?  It’s probably not the best photo for your job application.  Let’s keep it smart, chic and professional and leave the Selfies to Anthony Wiener!