Meeting Claudia immediately made me excited about my job search. She was so
different than the other recruiters I met who just wanted to place me right
away, and didn’t necessarily care about what I wanted or where I’d be the
happiest. Claudia and The Help Company really take the time to get to know
you and thoroughly think about who you would be the best match with. They
recognize what you have to offer and who would value it the most. What’s
unique about them is they truly care for both the client and the candidate
and don’t try to force anything if it’s not the perfect fit. They gave me
opportunities for dream jobs, and I can see why A-listers and top
executives would seek their advice and candidates as they truly care about
longevity and people’s happiness. The career advice and immense support
they gave me was almost like they were my family and not an agency.

I feel lucky that I got my foot in the door as they only work with the

Donna C.